NTA announces Sainik School Round 3 counselling result

Sainik School Latest News: On 30 May 2024, NTA has released Sainik School Round 3 counselling result. All candidates are advised to login to their official portal here to check their selection status.

Sainik School counselling round 3 result notice

Notices on Official Portal of Sainik School E-Counselling

Following are the Notices posted on Official Portal of Sainik School E-Counselling so far.

S NoTitle
1Results for Round-3 would be live from 30 May 2024. Shortlisted Candidates in Round-3 for provisional admission to schools are requested to take necessary action by 2355h on 02 June 2024. No action by candidates within the timeline for Round-3 would cancel their candidature for subsequent rounds.
2Registration and Choice Filling For Round 3 of e-counselling will commence from 0800hrs on 23 May 2024.
3Results for Round 2 of e – counselling is declared on 09/05/2024.
4Registration and Choice Filling For Round 2 of e-counselling will start on 02-05-2024 at 08:00 AM
5Shortlisted Candidates in Round-1 for provisional admission to schools are requested to take necessary action by 2355h on 12 Apr 2024. No action by candidates within the timeline for Round-1 would cancel their candidature for subsequent rounds.
6Sainik School Admission ecounselling is free of cost. School fee is payable by selected candidates at respective Sainik School. No third party has been authorised by Sainik School Society for this purpose. Candidates are advised to be beware of fraudsters.
7Registration of Candidates for Round-1 is open upto 2355hrs on 31 Mar 2024. No further extension for registration for Round 1 would be given.
8Helpline email id for admission issues – admission.sss@gov.in

Number of Seats still vacant in Sainik Schools after Round 2

Following table indicates total number of seats still vacant (not-filled) after 2 rounds of Sainik School e-counselling.

Sr NoSchool NameSchool SetupState NameClass IdGenderHome SCHome STHome OBCHome Un-ReserveHome DEFOther SCOther STOther OBCOther Un-ReserveOther DEFTotal Count
1Sainik School KalikiriResidentialANDHRA PRADESHClass VIBoy218733248139
ResidentialANDHRA PRADESHClass VIGirl10001011004
2Sainik School KorukondaResidentialANDHRA PRADESHClass VIBoy010301144216
ResidentialANDHRA PRADESHClass VIGirl00001110003
3Sainik School East SiangResidentialARUNACHAL PRADESHClass VIBoy000682133023
ResidentialARUNACHAL PRADESHClass VIGirl00010110115
4Sainik School GoalparaResidentialASSAMClass VIBoy104113134119
ResidentialASSAMClass VIGirl00000110114
5Sainik School GopalganjResidentialBIHARClass VIBoy013422147226
ResidentialBIHARClass VIGirl00011110105
6Sainik School NalandaResidentialBIHARClass VIBoy211402125220
ResidentialBIHARClass VIGirl11010001116
7Sainik School AmbikapurResidentialCHHATTISGARHClass VIBoy201502023015
ResidentialCHHATTISGARHClass VIGirl10000010002
8Sainik School BalachadiResidentialGUJARATClass VIBoy425315135130
ResidentialGUJARATClass VIGirl01010111117
9Sainik School KunjpuraResidentialHARYANAClass VIBoy205521161124
ResidentialHARYANAClass VIGirl10010001115
10Sainik School RewariResidentialHARYANAClass VIBoy3081844179155
ResidentialHARYANAClass VIGirl00111111118
11Sainik School Sujanpur TiraResidentialHIMACHAL PRADESHClass VIBoy002301133114
ResidentialHIMACHAL PRADESHClass VIGirl01000001103
12Sainik School NagrotaResidentialJAMMU AND KASHMIRClass VIBoy110221034216
ResidentialJAMMU AND KASHMIRClass VIGirl00000100102
13Sainik School TilaiyaResidentialJHARKHANDClass VIBoy022523155025
ResidentialJHARKHANDClass VIGirl00000100001
14Sainik School BijapurResidentialKARNATAKAClass VIBoy5310413044236
ResidentialKARNATAKAClass VIGirl11110101118
15Sainik School KodaguResidentialKARNATAKAClass VIBoy23111023024239
ResidentialKARNATAKAClass VIGirl11101100005
16Sainik School KazhakootamResidentialKERALAClass VIBoy003401054017
ResidentialKERALAClass VIGirl00000011002
17Sainik School RewaResidentialMADHYA PRADESHClass VIBoy002133123217
ResidentialMADHYA PRADESHClass VIGirl10011110117
18Sainik School ChandrapurResidentialMAHARASHTRAClass VIGirl10001100003
ResidentialMAHARASHTRAClass VIBoy5291252147249
19Sainik School SataraResidentialMAHARASHTRAClass VIBoy202312136222
ResidentialMAHARASHTRAClass VIGirl01100001104
20Sainik School ImphalResidentialMANIPURClass VIBoy0001051914434
ResidentialMANIPURClass VIGirl00000101114
21Sainik School ChhingchhipResidentialMIZORAMClass VIBoy6012252056139
ResidentialMIZORAMClass VIGirl00101101105
22Sainik School PunglwaResidentialNAGALANDClass VIBoy05016163075456
ResidentialNAGALANDClass VIGirl00001011216
23Sainik School BhubaneswarResidentialODISHAClass VIBoy004621128226
ResidentialODISHAClass VIGirl00010111105
24Sainik School SambalpurResidentialODISHAClass VIBoy002603131016
ResidentialODISHAClass VIGirl00010100103
25Sainik School KapurthalaResidentialPUNJABClass VIBoy101412035219
ResidentialPUNJABClass VIGirl00010011003
26Sainik School ChittorgarhResidentialRAJASTHANClass VIBoy412542132226
ResidentialRAJASTHANClass VIGirl00100010013
27Sainik School JhunjhunuResidentialRAJASTHANClass VIBoy217324126129
ResidentialRAJASTHANClass VIGirl10100100104
28Sainik School AmaravathinagarResidentialTAMIL NADUClass VIBoy001011058117
ResidentialTAMIL NADUClass VIGirl00000011002
29Sainik School JhansiResidentialUTTAR PRADESHClass VIBoy413632143229
ResidentialUTTAR PRADESHClass VIGirl10111011107
30Sainik School MainpuriResidentialUTTAR PRADESHClass VIBoy305634155234
ResidentialUTTAR PRADESHClass VIGirl10101111118
31Sainik School AmethiResidentialUTTAR PRADESHClass VIBoy1221023055232
ResidentialUTTAR PRADESHClass VIGirl10010100115
32Sainik School GhorakhalResidentialUTTARAKHANDClass VIBoy102310112112
ResidentialUTTARAKHANDClass VIGirl00000100102
33Sainik School PuruliaResidentialWEST BENGALClass VIBoy104612045124
ResidentialWEST BENGALClass VIGirl00011101015

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